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Thursday, May 11, 2006

You Lookin' At Me?

On our trip on Sunday, my wife and I stopped at this little road-side park in southern Miami called Fuch's Park. There we saw some kids feeding a large number of ducks, and checked out the small man-made lake, which was very low, since we haven't really had any significant rain down here for almost 3 months. As we were getting ready to leave I spotted this little dude here looking at me. I have no idea what kind of bird it is (see below); not one I recall ever seeing before.* But I liked its bright blue head feathers and the inquisitive look it kept giving me.

*Thanks to Anonymous who identified the bird as a green heron, a native to South Florida.


At 5:18 AM, Blogger Kris said...

Good shot! the reflection is wonderful :)

At 9:09 AM, Blogger MoonSoleil said...

Whatever bird it might be, it's a very pretty one! Great shot!!!

At 1:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

it's a green heron, native to so.fla.


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