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Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Today is the last day of Passover (though outside of Israel we celebrate one more day, tomorrow), the day in which G-d parted the Sea for the Israelites to escape Egypt, so I thought it appropiate to feature an image of water. This fountain surrounds the center walled area of the monument like a crescent moon and creates a wonderful contrast with the pink Jerusalem stone from which the whole monument is made of. As an extra, our oral tradition relates that when the Sea parted for Moses and the Children of Israel, ALL the water in the world parted as well, from oceans and lakes, to rivers and wells, even water held in buckets or drinking vessels, thus proclaiming the miracle to all of humanity.

I am off in celebration of Passover. Nicola, from RheingauDP & WiesbadenDP, is helping out with the pics. Thanks!


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